See now / Buy now

interactive videos
in a few
simple steps

Emotional footages, self-produced or art movies,
in which products and services
can emanate all of their appeal,
driving users to purchase.

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Why shoppable

You can shoot footages on your own: videos can be made even in selfie mode to show a selection of items within a real context. But you can make interactive and shoppable any other kind of video: art movies, professional productions, advertising campaigns, footage of images and shooted frames.

With several areas of application: primarily e-commerce but also travel, art, food and wine, fashion, design, publishing and beauty.


An innovative advertising format.


Clideo is a communication platform that supports e-commerce services.
Its interactive videos enable viewers to click items within footages
and to directly reach the brand’S site where they can be purchased.

Spreads contents, helps to amplify the virality of adv campaigns,
increases the amount of users and entices their engagement.

Clideo videos can be relaunched on sites and across social
networks (free on Facebook and Linkedin) to produce virality and sharing.

With Clideo products and services visualizations can turn into actual purchases
thanks to links that connect users directly to the site of the specific brand in question


helps you monetize your business

You can increase sales on your e-commerce,
revitalize a brand already launched
or generate real business
from your typical promotional activity
and collaboration with companies.

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your e-commerce activity

If you have an e-commerce site, Clideo functionality, through the "Shop now" button, helps you to attract potential purchasers on your site. If you are a blogger or an influencer,
you can spread contents, increase your circle of followers and earn from your collaboration with brands and companies by collecting commissions/fees on traffic/sales
channelled to their e-commerce sites.


statistical data
In real time

You can check sales trends
and the performance of activities
with dynamic and interactive charts
that are easily understandable.

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Significant analytics
in real time

Clideo enables you to collect statistical data in real time through dataware housing systems on every video, service or item. You can check sales trends and performance of campaigns, share activities with easily understandable charts that provide information about the amount of visualizations, sharings, sales, geographical areas and type of devices that viewers use to display videos.


Create and share wish lists with your followers

Wish lists are an additional feature
provided by Clideo
for bloggers and merchants
alike to promote products and services
that appear in the videos.

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Profiling & Data

Every user has a personal profile where he can create custom wish lists of products and services, manage them on his own
(by adding or deleting items) and share them across social networks.

For and influencers, wish lists become a real sharing instrument, A value added feature that they can offer to their audience.
For merchants and e-commerce owners,
it is an extra weapon to spread their products.